Why Hire a Writer?

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I'll bet you have a story to tell. I think everyone has; it may be a tale of adventure, or the story of how two people meet and fall in love, or the correct way to restore a classic automobile. How do you find the words to do justice to such things? Sometimes, it takes outside help.

You need words that paint a picture. Suppose your angle is marketing: you may want to generate more sales for your business with hard-hitting advertising copy that conveys a strong image. Maybe you need blog writers, to provide researched content that draws customers to your website again and again. Strong writing is a powerful business tool.

Even for the novelist who wants a fresh set of wise eyes to go over the manuscript one more time before the publisher sees it, a skilled writer is an important ally. Sure, you could hire an editor, but not every editor is a creative writer (though wouldn't that be nice). To achieve their personal best, writers need other writers, just as a sprinter arrives at the finish line faster when pitted against another sprinter.

Whatever works, right?

Right. Getting where you want to go is the point, and writing is the medium of transport. Think about it: Where would America be without the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution? Words have so much power—but not all words. And as Shakespeare once said, "There's the rub."

For the most powerful writing possible, hire a professional. If you want your content-rich web copy to sound good in not so many words, I can help you. If your sci-fi novel is great, except that that it's 100 pages too long, drop me a line. Whatever your goals remember: practice makes perfect. Good luck, and write on!